Health Insurance Library

Health Insurance Library

This page is intended to serve as a "Health Insurance Library". A resource that you can bookmark and return to whenever you have healthcare or health insurance related questions. The resources contained here include articles, statistics, infographics, educational resources and more. Utilize the resources here to learn more about the health insurance marketplace, and products. This health insurance library will be frequently updated with new resources, so stop back periodically to see whats new.

misc health insurance resources

Misc. Health Insurance Resources & Tools

Obamacare Glossary

Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) entire PDF here

Obamacare Exemption Qualification Tool (Courtesy of

Health Insurance Application Checklist Listing of documents and information you will need to have handy when applying for an individual health insurance plan.

Medicaid Provider Search (by state) Search tool for each state who identifies what physicians accept Medicaid patients

Obamacare Subsidy Calculator (courtesy of HealthNetwork)

Health Plans by Metal Level

Understanding Medicare Courtesy of TransAmerica Center for Health Studies

Healthcare Guide For Veterans Courtesy of TransAmerica Center For Health Studies

Free Prescription Drug Card Free card, pre-activated and ready to use. No cost. No obligation. save up to 75% off of retail Rx prices

2015 Federal Poverty level Guidelines Useful in determining eligibility for Medicaid or Income based subsidies

On Exchange plan or Off Exchange Plans what are your options?

Understanding Short Term Coverage eBook courtesy of eHealth

Health Effects of Smoking Information and resources

Marketplace Health Plan Comparison Worksheet

About Blue Cross Blue Shield Member Health Plans some facts about the BCBSA and their independent licensees

Blue Cross Blue Shield National Provider Search search tool to see if your hospital or professional provider participated in Blue cross network

health insurance videos


Health Insurance Learning videos grouped by topic

Calculating household income when applying for health coverage (3:27) courtesy of CMS

Re-enrolling in your marketplace health plan (2:44) courtesy of CMS

How Does Obamacare Work? (4:49) Courtesy of Brainstuff -HowStuffWorks

PPACA or "Obamacare" (7:13) Courtesy of KahnAcademy

Latino Health Insurance Marketplace Enrollment and Community (3:12) Courtesy of

What is Medicare Advantage? (1:31) courtesy of HealthMarkets

ACA Delivery System Reform (2:49) Animated whiteboard video courtesy of HHS

health insurance facts & data

Facts, Data, & Infographics

Analysis of 2017 Premiums & Insurer Marketplace Participation issue brief courtesy of Kaiser Family Foundation

Assessing Marketplace Enrollment results courtesy of Kaiser Family Foundation

Obamacare Exemptions

2014 health insurance coverage census data current population reports as of 2014. courtesy of

Study On Obamacare Medical care utilization courtesy on Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Trends in employer sponsored health insurance premiums Journal of American Medical Association

2014 Individual market financial performance. Report released by McKinsey which measures the profitability of carriers offering individual health plans.

Analysis of Bernie Sanders Single Payer Health Care Plan. Research report by Urban Institute

Healthcare spending growth slowing Report by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

healthcare Links

Useful HealthCare Links

Kaiser Family Foundation

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Kaiser Health News ( translated to spanish) a free resource. Access reliable, easy-to-understand prevention and wellness information

health insurance forms

Useful Forms

8962 Premium Tax Credit

1095-A Health Insurance Marketplace Tax Statement (if health plan purchased through a marketplace such as

1095-B Health Insurance Marketplace Tax Statement (if purchased directly from insurance company, or Medicaid or COBRA)

1095-C Health Insurance Marketplace Tax Statement (if purchased from employer)

8965 Health Coverage Exemptions

Hardship Exemption Form Instructions

Medicare part B Enrollment form (Spanish)

As mentioned above, this library of resources will be regularly updated with new resources from across the internet as we come across items that we think would be useful to our site visitors seeking to educate themselves on the health insurance marketplace.