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We at health1nsurance.com are committed to educating and helping health insurance shoppers find the best possible health insurance plans in the market today — including: Obamacare plans, "Off-exchange health plans" individual health plans, short term health plans, Medicare health plans (Medicare Supplements & Medicare Advantage), and more.

We provide a quick and easy way for healthcare shoppers to shop from the comforts of their own home — while having the option of engaging with licensed healthcare professionals if they choose.

Our services are 100% FREE.  The health plan comparison quotes that we provide access to are 100% FREE and health insurance shoppers are under no obligation to purchase anything for using them.

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We strive to make the health insurance enrollment process as simple and convenient as possible.  You can compare quotes and enroll in health plans in multiple ways.  Online, over the phone, or even in person with local agents.

We are a privately held company and are not affiliated with the federal government website (healthcare.gov).  If you would like to contact healthcare.gov call 1-800-318-2596

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